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Emma Lou NesSmith

We are truly blessed to have the talents of Emma Lou NesSmith as our church pianist. Emma Lou plays here beautiful and inspiring music prior to the service, during the offertory and at the close of the close of the service. For your listening pleasure, this is a collection of her music during the offertory. Enjoy!

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08/22/2021Emma Lou NesSmith Special Piano Solo (082221_music.mp3)
Special Music
I Met the Master
Download 082221_music.mp3
08/15/2021Emma Lou NesSmith Piano Solo (081521_music.mp3)
Special Music
Download 081521_music.mp3
08/08/2021Emma Lou NesSmith Special Music From EmmaLou (080821_music.mp3)
Special Music
The Lighthouse
Download 080821_music.mp3
07/25/2021Emma Lou NesSmith Special Music (072521_music.mp3)
Special Music
Download 072521_music.mp3
07/18/2021Debbie Durhan Debbie and Addison piano duet (071821_music.mp3)
Special Music
Download 071821_music.mp3
07/04/2021Emma Lou and Debbie Special Music (070421_music3.mp3)
Special Music
Download 070421_music3.mp3

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